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About Dennis Taylor

Dennis was born and raised in New York City and grew up in the Bronx.

His parents saved their money and had a brand-new home built on Long Island in 1976. He was just about to turn 16 when he and his family had moved from the Bronx and although he didn’t like it at first, after graduating from high school he attended college on a track and field scholarship. Dennis soon became an NCAA All-American on the men’s 4×400 record-setting relay team. 

He had also met the woman that he would later marry on the track as well. She was also a top-notch sprinter/hurdler like himself. They eventually married a couple years after college. He worked at Grummon Aerospace in Bethpage and Calverton Long Island, NY. While in the fall of 1987 he had heard whispers that there was a merger between Grummon Aerospace and Northrop Corp. His friend and track team members dad, who owned and operated “BayShore Flooring” offered him a position to lay oak flooring. A few years later, Dennis and his wife moved to Lithonia, Georgia where they purchased their first home together and started a family of four children.

In 1992 Dennis owned and operated a janitorial franchise, the largest in Atlanta, Georgia at the time. Which in turn gave him more time with his children, while his wife pursued her masters degree. In 1997 he was introduced to the trade show industry, and at the time he was also working part-time at UPS as a cover/air driver, but would clean his buildings at night. The very first company that he worked with was “Momentum Management” in 1997. Although, it was just for extra money at the time while his wife was homeschooling their children. Now, being in the trade show industry for over 25 years to date, Dennis has taken all of the knowledge that he’s learned and experienced over the years and has now applied them to start his own I&D company with his son Gabriel.

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